The (not so) everyday cutlery


The (not so) everyday cutlery

If you were to name the cutlery items you use every day, it would most likely be the most basic ones – a spoon, a knife, a fork and a little spoon for tea or coffee. And not surprisingly, as these four elements of flatware fully cover all our everyday needs, from breakfast, through lunch and teatime to dinner. But when it comes to the oldest Polish manufacturer of silver and silver-plated cutlery, who prides itself on having the widest possible range of cutlery items on offer, each one dedicated to various kinds of dishes plus specialised serving cutlery for virtually every kind of snack or starter you can think of, it is worth taking a second look at them…

To begin with, specialised cutlery, for example dedicated to fish dishes only, is becoming increasingly popular. What’s more, we have come to expect that in every good restaurant specially-shaped fish cutlery will be served to go with fish, a sharp-pointed steak knife – for steak, and a tiny coffee spoon for an espresso. 

Of course, these may seem to be just small details but they do help create the atmosphere of elegant luxury. And this luxury is a conscious one – we eat ever better and ever more sophisticated dishes, so understandably we are starting to be more aware of the porcelain we eat on and the cutlery we eat with.

That is also why there is so much interest not only in getting cutlery made of the best quality sterling silver, but also in choosing the right kind of it to go with our more refined meals.

Today, we no longer put on our dining tables only the most basic cutlery, like the spoon, fork and knife, as before.

Next to the basic one, we also put on it special cutlery for fish or for snails, or a set consisting of a meat knife and a meat fork for serving cold meats.

Even coffee, tea and desserts are not so easy.

It is fashionable to have delicate teaspoons for your morning tea, elongated café latte spoons for your afternoon coffee or extra tiny spoons for your invigorating daily cup of espresso.

It goes without saying that cake forks are essential, but a matching cake serving set – with a cake server and a cake knife – could be a beautiful complement and addition to them.

Coming back to the spoons once more, there are also special spoons for spices – those tiny little things that are used to measure an exact pinch of salt or pepper or any other spice, if you please.

And, of course, there are many kinds of serving cutlery. Sadly, although we often have them in our homes, we use them rarely, if ever, and only on a special occasion.

Yet, a server set consisting of a salad serving spoon and fork, a cake server, a starter fork, and cheese and butter knives can prove handy in everyday use.

And last but not least, there are also forks for sardines and fruit, spoons for ice cream and sugar, and elegant fish serving sets. It is good not only to have them, but also to know how to use them, and, of course, use them whenever needed. This way every meal can become a small party and every bite a special treat. Bon appétit!



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